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Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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Message From the Publisher 
Dear Reader,

This web site has been active since 1996 which qualifies it to be one of the oldest web sites on the internet dedicated to international fresh and saltwater sportfishing. When we first appeared on the net we attempted to provide current information about some of the most favored fishing destinations available on the planet. Since then, our at-large fishing journalists contributed volumes of information about many fishing destinations the world over. We intend to continue that tradition with a new vision of service to anglers everywhere.

Changes for the better...

What changes with the complete revision of this web site is the way we'll earn our keep. Previously we acted as representatives for many of the high quality lodges, outfitters and guide services that were featured on this site. That has changed. We will no longer make arrangements for people to visit the venues but instead will provide space on this site for sporting lodges, guide services and outfitters to get their message out to the anglers of the world. If you're a lodge owner, guide or outfitters expect some innovative ways for you to reach the world's sportfishers.

As well, we'll publish important news about issues that affect the quality of fisheries the world over. To that end it is likely that we'll ring a few alarms and share the good news about positive things people do to protect and sustain the fabulous resource that sportfishing depends on.

Over the years, we've kept the messages you've sent to our office asking about how to get listed on this site. We'll be contacting you soon to tell you how to do just that and a whole lot more.

We have an able and well-seasoned staff with more years of fishing experience that many of us may wish to admit to having. That's to your benefit because when you visit World Angler Magazine you can depend on reading high quality articles about the sport we all love.

With that said, I heartily welcome you to the inaugural issue of World Angler Magazine. On the behalf of our staff I sincerely hope your visit here is a pleasant one.

- Tony Oswald, Publisher

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