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Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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Our Editorial Staff 

Tony Oswald, Publisher

As an angling writer, teacher, commercial and editorial photographer, publisher and designer, Tony Oswald has found a way to incorporate his talents into his love of the outdoors by publishing World Angler Magazine.

Dedicated to Jim Repine, friend, mentor, teacher and angler who passed away as gently as every fish he ever released. May he delight in playing every fish he hooks for eternity.  I will sorely miss him.

 - T.O.

Jim Repine, Senior Editor

Few fishing writers have the breadth of experience in international angling that Jim Repine has cultivated over his extensive explorations. Jim is author of several acclaimed books on fishing, has hosted television shows and has been a sought after consultant to the sporting lodge industry for more than thirty years.


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