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Ireland Fishing Report
Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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June, 2002 Ireland Fishing Report by Peter O'Reilly 

Kylemore Abbey Fishery:

April/May as usual, was unpredictable but produced more salmon than in 2001. Five fish were taken with the first caught on the last day of April, the first decent day for fishing for the month. It was caught by Adam Hudson from Florida, his first ever salmon of 7.5 lb on a Green Highlander on the Upper River, Tullywee Bridge Pool.
Low water until May 21st produced a fish of 6.5 lb to Fishery Manager, Nigel Rush, again on a Green Highlander and again at Tullywee Bridge Pool. Jeremey Shanahan managed two fish on the 24th May, one at 11.5 lb and the second at 6.5 lb, which was duly returned, as only one fish/day was legal up until the end of May. Both were caught at Lavelle's Pool on the Lower River.
The Green Highlander again put another 6 lb fish on the slab for Greg Rodgers, Boulder, Colerado, from that enigma of the Upper Bridge Pool at Derryinver, which he returned. This was again another first salmon. This "Upper Bridge Pool" is a viewing point for fish entering the system. They rarely touch any fly. When they do, either they go walkies through two sets of bridges, never to be seen again, or, they are the most disappointing fish that any would could ever catch - just plodding around aimlessly.
This brings us to June, 2002, where cold winds, gales that would cut the neck of the hardiest angler making any lake fishing impossible and high water conditions.
Apart from all the doom and gloom, Tim Brown from Worcestershire, U.K., yet again on a Green Highlander, managed another Tullywee fish of 4.5 lb. Regular Kylemore anglers, Mark and Jane Edwards from Shropshire, landed fish of 5 lb and 4 lb respectively. Jane returned her fish. Richard Badman from Pennsylvania took another grilse, 4 lb which was again returned. Patrick Dickinson, Lincolnshire, had two fish at 4 lb and 3.5 lb, both on a Wilkinson Shrimp in extreme conditions. Paul Strawson, Lincolnshire, took a fine fish of 10.5 lb, again on a Wilkinson shrimp from the Rock Pool.
Valerie Martin from Drogheda, after many years of fishing, landed a 4.5 lb salmon from the Rock Pool with the help of Tim Moore. Another first fish for a Kylemore angler!
Regular angler, Denis McMurray caught his first salmon on the morning of 22nd June for this season. It weighed 7 lb and was taken from the Rock Pool to an Ally shrimp.
Sea Trout: Prospects are looking good. High water conditions combined with filthy cold winds have not been appropriate for serious sea trout angling. A Wet Cell 23 wouldn't entice even the daftest sea trout to come from the bottom! Reasonable runs have been seen and also very early. Fish are looking clean and at the onset of slightly warmer weather, a vast improvement will be expected.
Salmon are reported to be running late on all fisheries including Kylemore.
The fishery has produced a total of 16 salmon and grilse so far. P.O'R.

River Boyne & Tributaries:

On Tuesday, 21 May, Richard Curran from the USA visited the Kells Blackwater. Conditions were far from ideal with coloured water and high levels as well as very strong winds. However, Richard managed to catch and release six trout to 11 inches. The following day Richard had four fish for a few hours fishing, the best of which measured 15 inches. This fine fish was taken on a Black Gnat. The same day, Forrest Howe and his son, Judd, had 11 trout between them to 12 inches. These fish were taken on Black Gnat and the Pale Watery Dun. Anglers are enjoying one of the best years ever for trout fishing on the River Boyne. There is a big Mayfly hatch on many stretches of the river. In the Bective area, trout of .75 lb to 2 lb 6 oz are being caught. Around the Trim area, trout of .75 lb to 3 lb are being taken. Upstream in the Longwood, Muckwood, Inchimore, Donore and Ashfield waters, trout of .75 lb to 3 lb 12 oz are being caught. Many of these are in the 2 to 2 lb range. At Edenderry and Ballyboggan, great trout fishing is currently available with trout from .75 lb to 5 lb being reported. Again many trout are in the 2 to 2 lb range.
On the Stonyford River, trout of .75 lb to 1 lb are being landed.
On the Enfield Blackwater around Kilmore/Johnstown area, trout of .75 lb to 2 lb are being caught. Most of the trout are being caught on Mayfly. In fact, anglers were enjoying one of the best Mayfly seasons ever.
Weather conditions made fishing extremely difficult in June. All rivers went into flood with the incessant rain and, eventually, anglers were forced to give up all attempts at fishing. A few trout were taken as follows:-
River Boyne (Upper Reaches)
Bective: a few trout from .75 - 1 lb are being taken.
Trim (Tripley), trout from .75 - 2 lb are being caught
Drinadaly: trout from .75 - 1.5 lb are being caught
Longwood: (Donore) trout of .75 - 1.5 lb are reported
Ballyboggan: trout of .75 - 1.1 lb are being reported taken
Enfield Blackwater: Tourists are catching good numbers of trout averaging .5 to 2 lb. A party of three visitors recently caught 100 trout between them and returned all to the water. A few salmon have been spotted in the Tripley area. So far none were reported taken up to the 16th June.

Emy Lough:

Reports were incomplete from the lough in May/June
From May 20th -26th inclusive, 23 boat anglers caught three trout weighing 4.5 lb in total. A few trout were landed by shore anglers.
There is still a Mayfly hatch. Flies currently being tried include Bibio, Claret and Mallard and Mayfly Nymph.
The water level is still high. Very heavy showers, some of hail, with some quite strong wind gusts makes for awful angling conditions. Daytime temperatures can swing from cool to mild to quite warm while night time temperatures can still be very cool. Things can only improve.
Between June 10th. -17th. 11 boat anglers took in 4 trout weighing 7 lb. There have been some trout caught by shore anglers, the most successful of these being Dick Kernan, Venture Sports, Monaghan. During an evening session on Monday, June 17th, Dick landed five very nice trout. He kept the largest which weighed 3.5 lb and returned the remaining four to the water; they averaged 1.5-2 lb. All the fish were caught on an Olive Dabbler along the ' Bathing Shore' area. Dick reported seeing many trout moving around the lake. He also reported a lot of Murrough on the water with the odd Mayfly still showing. The Claret Dabbler is also being tried by anglers.

Rivers Barrow/Suir:

As with the rest of the country this region has experienced four times the normal amount of rain in the past couple of weeks. Water levels on the all our rivers are pretty high and coloured at present. Indeed a major tributary of the River Suir, the Tar River burst its banks between Goat's Bridge and Newcastle in south county Tipperary. On the Barrow, Mr. John Ryan originally from Co. Carlow , but now residing in England caught three salmon during the week ending 20th of May. He was fishing a worm bait on each occasion in the tidal section of St. Mullins between the lock and the village. During the same period seven salmon were reported caught between Goresbridge and Muinebheag (Bagnalstown).
No reports from the Nore or Suir.

Lough Sheelin:

According to reports, trout stocks have improved this season and anglers are reporting much better catches than in 2001. There was a good hatch of Mayfly but fishing conditions were awful. Most of the Sheelin Mayfly fishing depends on a good fall of Spent Gnat in the evening and this season, weather conditions were not suitable, as a result of low air temperatures and heavy, thundery rain. Mayfly were still hatching up to the week ending 9th June and the following results for that week were typical of the standard of fishing this season.
John Murphy, L.S.T.P.A:- on 6/6/02 - eight trout, best 4 lb & 2 lb on Spent Gnat. He released six trout, average 2 lb. On 7/6/02 - ten trout, average 1 lb on wet-fly. All released.
Paddy Lyons, L.S.T.P.A:- three trout averaging 3 lb. Best 3 lb on Spent Gnat. Crover House Hotel:- M. Boyle, Monaghan, one trout 5 lb on Spent Gnat.
P. Harnett, Navan, two trout, 5 lb on Grey Wulff, best 3 lb.
12 other anglers caught 18 trout
In the week ending 26th May, there were gale force South to South West winds. With heavy rain from time to time.
Fly hatches were good with hatches of Buzzer, Murrough and Mayfly all over the lake. Anglers reported a good fall of Spent Gnat on Thursday afternoon and Sunday afternoon and evening.
Eugene McGuiness and Brendan Corr, Belfast, returned seven trout, average 3 lb. Best fish 5 lb on Spent Gnat. Pat Delaney, L.S.T.P.A; two trout on Spent Gnat, 6 lb and 3 lb. Andrew Brown, Dublin; two trout over 4 lb each on Spent Gnat. Frank Kelly, L.S.T.P.A; one trout, 4 lb on Spent Gnat. Eoin Reynolds, L.S.T.P.A; two trout, 4 lb & 3 lb on Spent Gnat. John McGaughern, L.S.T.P.A; two trout, 5 lb & 3 lb on Spent Gnat. John Murphy, L.S.T.P.A; five trout, best 5 lb on Spent Gnat. Jim Reilly, Mountnugent; three trout, average 3lb on Spent Gnat. 18 anglers caught and released 27 trout at 1 lb.
Owing to the strong winds and heavy rain, anglers did not have good Spent Gnat fishing during the week. There were reports of big trout taking Murrough in the late evenings.
In the week ending 16th June, anglers were beginning to revert to wet-fly fishing by day and dry-fly - particularly Murrough, in the evenings. The lake was very high with heavy persistent rainfall all week.
The following trout were reported. The best trout was 7 lb and two other trout of 6 lb were reported. Jack Smyth, Newry, with one trout 4.5 lb on dry fly. Dr. Grehan Mees, Scotland, nine trout, best 6 lb, 5.5 lb, 4 lb, 3.5 lb, total weight 27 lb. Dr. Mees spent two weeks during Mayfly time and released a good number of small fish. Barry Harten, LSPTA, had four fish for 15.75 lb, best 6 lb and 4 lb.
12 anglers fished the Nobber Anglers Competition,
1st Place: Derek Primrose, Nobber, Co Meath, with a trout of 7 lb 4 oz on Green Peter.
2nd Place: Pat Burns, Cavan, with three trout for 6.75 lb, best 2.75 lb,

Lough Owel:

The National Qualifier was fished on Owel on Saturday, 25th May. Weather had a bearing on catches, particularly the second half of the week with conditions progressively deteriorating, evenings cold and wet. Not many anglers on the lake, and as the week advanced we braced ourselves for an influx of anglers by Thursday which didn't happen. We said it has to be Friday!. Well Friday arrived with storm conditions, though a few of the 'hardier breed' braved the elements. At 8:00pm it looked as though the Qualifier might be abandoned. Thankfully conditions improved on Saturday and good returns were reported. 148 anglers fished the event. 86 anglers caught 161 trout ranging in weight from 0.75 lb to 3 lb 14 oz.
It was very encouraging to see a large number of wild/multy wintered fish seen in the result, It has been proven that the stocking of 1+ browns in August/October three years ago is paying off this year, and we have seen this trend since the beginning of the season.
The Results were:
1st Place: Padraic Kelly, Lough Mask, four fish for 7 lb 11oz
2nd Place: Paul Crichton, five fish for 7 lb 6 oz
3rd Place: Martin McGorran, Dublin, three fish for 7 lb 2 oz
All in all a very good day was had, and congratulations are due to those who qualified

Lough Ennell:

The week ending 26th May was patchy up to Saturday which saw an improvement with a good move of trout evident. Mayfly and Welshman's Button dominated the trout menu. This is how it panned out from returns submitted to the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board
Wednesday May 22nd: Timmy Cogan, Mullingar, had one fish of 2.25 lb on Mayfly.
Thursday May 23rd: Michael Healy, Collinstown, two fish, 2 lb and 2.5 lb on Mayfly. Connor Lynch, Mullingar, had one fish of 3 lb on Mayfly.
Saturday: Allan Tyrell, Mullingar, had two fish of 3 lb & 3.5 lb on Mayfly. Allan had ten fish for the day and returned eight fish. Darragh Toughie, Dublin, had three fish, 3.5 lb and two trout at 2 lb, all on the Welshmen's Button. Les Featherstone, Dublin, had two fish to 2 lb, all on Welshmen's Button. (Both Les and Darragh saw a lot of fish feeding at times and at 4:00pm there was a hatch of Mayfly and the fish went into a crazed feeding spell, hundreds of fish showed for about an hour or so. Christy Sleator had two fish for 2.25 lb & 3 lb on Mayfly
Sunday: The Jimmy Nea Cup was fished. 26 Anglers took part and nine good fish were caught, results as follows.
1st Place: Christy Sleator, Mullingar, two fish, 1.39 lb and 2.95 lb
2nd Place: Joe Dogerty, Kildare ,with one fish, 2.76 lb.
3rd Place: Pat McArdle, Dublin, one fish, 2.18 lb
Others who had fish were Seamus Eighan, Mullingar, one fish, 1.24 lb. Pat McBride Dublin, one fish of 1.85 lb. Jimmy Stenson, Mullingar, had a fish of 1.70 lb. Des Goulding Dublin, one fish 1.92 lb. Jimmy Murphy, Mullingar, one fish, 2.28 lb. Paddy Farley from Kells, Co. Meath, had a fish for 4.75 lb on a Welshmen's Button. Stan McKeon, Mullingar, had one fish of 3.75 lb on Mayfly. Hopefully these results will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

Lough Mask:

Despite rising water levels during the week ending 26th May and much lower temperatures than is normal for the time of season, the lough fished tremendously well all week, 288 anglers taking a record catch of 1,094 trout for 1440 lb in 689 angling days, best 4 lb. Fairly good hatches of Mayfly, Olives and Sedge kept trout moving well to the surface, and large hatches of Chironomids in late evening brought on even bigger rises of trout in certain areas of the lough. Billy Quaile (Armagh) and a friend from Sweden fished over two days and they landed 28 trout, all but four on dry-fly. Most of their fish were returned again to the water. Eight anglers staying at Peter Roberts' guesthouse landed 23 trout in a few days and one of the group, juvenile, Mark McIlveen, had a 3.25 lb to the dap. North of Ireland anglers, S. McCorriskin and two friends landed 32 for 44 lb in nine outings. Fermanagh anglers, Sam Leahy and his two friends had 43 for 58 lb, best 3.25 lb, all during their week's stay. Kildare anglers, M. Willeke and two friends landed 28 for 38 lb in eight days.
Brian Hope from the Westport Angling Club won the Connaught Cup Trout Angling Test on Saturday, 8th June, with six trout for 9.70 lb; in second place was Matt Higgins from Castlebar with four for 8.81 lb and third was Coleman Shaughnessy from Loughrea who had five for 6.44 lb. It was one of the best results ever for the competition, 98 anglers recording 122 trout for 190.69 lb. Anglers were more than pleased with the quality of fishing on the day, and indeed throughout the week when a total of 168 anglers recorded 394 trout for 536 lb in 268 angling days.
45 trout for 60 lb in 13 days by Mick Dunne from Rochford Bridge and Dublin were all very sportingly returned again to the water. Jonathan Simmons had 35 averaging 1.5 lb and he, too, returned all his trout again to the wild. Michael Claffey from Ballinrobe and the UK landed 13 for 16 lb in three days, all of which he returned to the water.
During the week ending 16th June, there were still some Mayfly hatches over the lough as well as some Olives and lots of Sedges. Trout rose well when conditions were right, and some anglers continued to have lots of success with wet and dry-fly, particularly to the dry-fly in late evenings. It was a week when very few anglers fished. However, 16 rods caught 39 trout for 58 lb over 42 angling days, best weighing 4.5 lb. P. Willock from Cork along with a friend had five for 6.5 lb for a day's wet-fly fishing, and anglers staying at Hall Angling Centre, T. Cheevers and his two friends landed four for 6.5 lb for a day.


The week ending 26th May was another great week for the very large number of trout anglers on the Corrib, many at this stage wondering how the stocks can really withstand the huge amount of angling pressure the lough has been through for the past few seasons. The week past, in the Greenfields/Cong/ Cornamona area, 92 anglers had 443 trout for 622 lb in 215 angling days, and an additional estimate for the same areas shows that with 991 rod days fished 1,482 trout were taken. Frank Reilly landed 31 in five days to wet-fly, best 4 lb, and four Co. Down anglers - Philip McMaster, Maurice Grant, Marty Ferguson and Wayne Hutton - landed 38 for two days, most of which were released. They fished out from Salthouse Bay and Mike Holian's. Angela Doherty from Dublin also did very well at Salthouse Bay, landing eight for 14 lb. She, too, released most of her trout back into the wild.
A lot of anglers fished from the Oughterard side of the lough too where fishing was often mixed, some days good and some poor enough. Mayfly hatches were plentiful some days. Water levels are the highest for the month of May for many a year, some locals saying that the levels are the highest every for May. 470 anglers recorded 790 trout for 1,065 lb in 586 angling days, and this is far from the actual number overall as many anglers never report their catches. Seamus Sands and a friend had some excellent fishing to wet-fly, landing eight for 15 lb in a single day, returning many others to the water. Shay Summers and Liam Lavery had 39 for 54 lb over eight days, and out of 24 landed by P. Dawson and J. Ramsbottom, they kept eight for two days' wet-fly fishing. Louise Kelly from Derrymoyle landed five for 7.5 lb for a day's dapping.

Donal Connolly sends a report from his Nonaim Lodge saying a number of anglers fishing between May 5 and May 19 enjoyed some great trout angling to wet-fly, dapping and dry-fly. He says that a lot of the trout were put back again by the visiting anglers to his Lodge. Some of the anglers who did well included: Ray Keyes, Tullamore; Dave Byrne, Galway; John McNulty, Dublin; Hammy Hamilton, Co. Cork, who had a total of 12 Trout for 14 lb on dry-fly, six of which were released; Geoff Davidson and Dave McKee from Lurgan who had six trout for 10.75 lb, best 4.5 lb, all to dry-fly and all were released; Donal Connolly, Nonaim Lodge, seven for 9.75 lb to wet-fly; Mike Taylor's party of three anglers from Island Magee, Northern Ireland, 44 for approx. 51.25 lb, all on wet and dry-fly and the majority released again; Rob and Graham Oliver from Scotland who caught 14 for 16.5 lb on dry-fly, all but three released and Gordon Laing, Dublin, four for 6.5 lb on wet and dry-fly.

There was a big drop-off in the number of anglers fishing the week ending 9th June in the area between Greenfields and Cornamona, many of the visiting anglers having returned home after spending anything from one to several weeks fishing the Mayfly period. 267 trout for around 365 lb were taken in 178-rod days, a good return possibly due to the very broken weather conditions which favoured the angler. Mike Holian's Angling Centre at Cross reports one of the best Mayfly seasons ever with practically every angler to the Centre having top-class angling. Reports from the Oughterard area say the main mayfly hatch is over but there are still some localised hatches in some places resulting, to a large degree, in 74 anglers having 116 trout for 146 lb in 119 angling days, including a 5 lb trout to wet-fly by Dominic O'Brien from London, and Oliver and Joe Regan had five for 6.25 lb to the dapped Mayfly. UK anglers Ed King and Alan Kettle-White reported some amazing Ferox trout fishing when they landed ten specimens between 10 and 17 lb. The two anglers, who stayed at Eddie Banks' guesthouse "Freewater", weighed and measured all trout before returning them to the water again.
While fewer anglers were fishing the lough in the week ending 16th June, following a very successful Mayfly season when around 8,000 trout were recorded caught, the lough still continues to fish well due, in the main, to the continued broken and cloudy weather conditions. Last week, in the Oughterard area, 70 anglers landed 138 for 212.5 lb in 136 angling days, including 19 for 28 lb in five days by Don Webber and Derek Clarke (UK), who were fishing out from Lakelands Guest House. A party of Swiss anglers staying at Corrib Wave Guest House had over 30 trout for a week, best 6 lb. Glann Shore is reported as fishing very well for salmon, and local fisherman, Paddy Kelly, recorded a 15.5 lb specimen ferox trout.

Anglers fishing from Donal Connolly's Nonaim Lodge, Glann, reported good salmon fishing, Gerry and Paul Joyce having seven for the week, average weight 5 lb. Ernie Deacy, Galway, caught three grilse on Wednesday, 12th June, and Donal Connolly had three grilse (one fish weighing 6 lb and two fish of 5.5 lb) on Saturday, 15th June, all excellent salmon fishing.

Fewer anglers fished the eastern side of the lough; that is the area from Greenfields to Cornamona. 14 anglers took 34 trout for 54 lb in 17-rod days, best 3.25 lb by Pat Day from Headford. In addition to the above 48 other trout were caught during 40-rod days in the Greenfields area. Jimmy Sullivan from Cornamona had five for 8.25 lb for an evening, and John Summerville took four for 6.75 lb to wet-fly.

Lough Carra:

The Lough had sparse hatches of Mayfly over most of the week ending 26th May, which brought on some fair rises of trout at times. Olives were fairly plentiful over the week. 44 anglers accounted for 82 trout for 90 lb in 129 rod days, mainly to dry-fly and dapping. Martin O'Grady, Central Fisheries Board and two friends had nine for a day, all of which were returned to the water.
In the week ending 9th June, the lough fished poorly all week with just 21 trout to 17 anglers over 29 angling days.
The week ending 16th June was another quiet week for anglers on the lough with only 19 bothering to fish. They caught 43 trout for 48 lb in 52 angling day. 11 anglers staying at Roberts' Guesthouse recorded 32 over eight and a half days, all of which were returned again to the water except for two at 3 lb and 4.5 lb.

Galway Weir:

With some of the highest water levels ever recorded in June, the fishery was virtually unfishable from late May to the end of June resulting in a lot of disappointment for visiting anglers, particularly those from overseas.

Lough Conn:

There were great hatches of Mayflies all during the week ending 26th May with the biggest concentration of fly towards the northern end of the lake. Despite rising water and strong winds there were good catches reported both to wet and dry Mayflies with all the bigger fish coming to the dries.
The high water has moved lots of grilse into the lake and 40 grilse were reported caught and quite a few of these came to the fly.

900 trout were reported.
Heaviest fish weighing 4.75 lb caught by Orla Rooney, Dublin.
Larry Kelly and John Jack had on average six trout per day and one excellent day with 12 trout weighing 22 lb.
Andrew Murray and Ray Heffernan, Dublin, had six fish for one day including one of 4 lb and one 3.5 lb.
Marty Cawley (Ghillie Extraordinaire) from Cloghans had six trout ,all 2 lb.
Alan Kenton, England, had six fish, best 3.75 lb.
Chris Watham, England, had four fish, best 3.25 lb.
Seamus Dolan, Dublin, had four fish, best 3 lb.
Andy Baldwin, England, had four trout, best 2 lb.
Sandy and Andrew Robinson, Dublin, had four trout, best 2.5 lb.
Colin Craig, Belfast, one grilse, 6 lb and two trout all on fly.
Ray Wills, Liverpool, three trout, best 2 lb.
A party of six Athlone anglers had four grilse, best 5 lb.
Heaviest salmon weighed 11 lb and was caught by Brian Clayton.

There were good hatches of Mayfly during the week ending 2nd June but the fish were very selective when feeding on them and could only be caught with ease on the lee shores and in the sheltered bays. You had to go out and find your fish and that is why some boats enjoyed great sport and others were under the impression that there were few fish in the lake.

The water level is beginning to drop and when the winds begin to ease there will be good Spent Gnat fishing in the evenings and the prospect of very big trout being caught.
291 trout and 29 salmon were reported.
Heaviest trout weighed 6.14 lb and was caught by l. Hankins, England, on a Grey Wulff.
Another good trout weighing 6 lb was caught by Brendan Carthy, Athlone, on the troll.
Walter and Susan Byrne Edenderry had 25 trout for the week, best 3.5 lb mostly all on dry Mayflies.
Peter Finnis, England, had nine fish weighing 16.75 lb for the week.
Peter le Duc, England, had six fish, best 1.75 lb.
Alan Coyle had six trout all over 2 lb.
Gerry Keating and Michael Moclair, Cork, had six trout, best 4 lb.
Dave Passmore, England, had five trout, best 4 lb.
Eamon Quinn, Athlone, had five trout, 2.75 lb.
J Costelloe, Athlone, had four trout, best 2.75 lb.
The North Western Regional Fisheries Board held a competition against the Western Board on Friday. Due to the strong winds and thundery atmosphere the fishing was difficult.
30 anglers caught nine trout.
Bryan Kennedy, NWRFB, had two fish weighing 2.93 lb.
John Burke, NWRFB, had two fish weighing 2.82 lb.
Paul Reynolds, WRFB, had one fish weighing 2.31 lb.
In the week ending 16th June, angling pressure had eased on this water and this was mainly due to the windy weather with few boats going out from the east side of the lake. There are still lots of Mayflies about but so far there has been no Spent Gnat fishing and until the weather improves there will be no change. With the wind and rain the spent are dying in the bushes.
The sheltered bays on the west shore and the lee of the islands were the only places to fish.
142 trout and 97 salmon were reported.
Heaviest trout weighing 4 lb was caught by Dr Madden, England, and he had two other trout and a grilse for a day all on fly.
John Housden, England, had six trout, best 3.5 lb.
John Cronin, England, had five trout, best 3 lb.
Paddy and Sean Reynolds, Longford, had five grilse and five trout.
Tom Smyth, Co. Down, had a 15 lb salmon on the troll.
Mick Conroy, Athlone, had two salmon, best 11 lb.
Eddie Sheridan, Longford, had two grilse.
Robert Neary, Longford, had two grilse.

River Moy:

The heavy rain all week ending 26th May resulted in high and dirty water, making most areas unfishable.
Big numbers of fish were seen moving upstream, mostly grilse. The outlook is good for the next few weeks as the water level is dropping and providing we have no more heavy rain.
Most of the fish caught last week were on the worm.
113 salmon were reported.
Raymond Dewar, Scotland, had heaviest fish weighing 13 lb.
Paul Tibbets and friends from England had six fish, best 9.5 lb.
The river was in flood all week ending 2nd June which meant the majority of the fish ran straight through into the lake. The lower reaches of the river fared badly with only one fish caught in Moy Fishery waters. Between Ballina and Foxford there was a slight improvement but south of Foxford there were excellent catches reported.
Good numbers of fish were caught at Pontoon Bridge and in the River Deel.
Worms and spinners proved to be the most successful methods.
The outlook is very good for the next few weeks as the water keeps dropping.
296 salmon and one sea-trout were reported.
That man again John "Red" Coleman had a good week with heaviest fish weighing 12.5 lb as well as four other fish weighing 11.5, 10, 9 and 7 lb.
Billy Barnaville and party from Kilkenny had five fish, best 12 lb.
Gerry Coutier, England, had four fish, all grilse.
Alex McVeigh, Belfast, had four fish, all grilse.
Eugene Ryan, Wexford, had one fish weighing 10 lb.
Matt Ziercke, London, had one fish weighing 8.5 lb.
There will be no shortage of spawning salmon at the end of this year because of the very high water all week coinciding with the peak of the grilse run, most of the fish have ran straight through in to the relative safety of the lake.
In the week ending 16th June, the lower reaches of the river have again suffered the most with the Moy Fishery waters producing just six fish compared to 350 for the same period last year.
Pontoon Bridge fished very well with up to ten fish caught most days.
474 salmon were reported.
Tony Southerton, England, had heaviest weighing 13 lb.
The Howell party had 30 fish for the week and this included 14 fish for Roy Howell himself. All the fish were caught on ledgered worms.
Jeff Morrow, Isle of Man, had 15 fish on worm for the week, all grilse.
John and Pauline Healy, Toomore, Foxford had two fish both weighing 5 lb on spinners for one day. This was Pauline's first ever salmon.
Peter Reintjens, Netherlands, had two fish weighing 6 and 3 lb.
Richard Milner, England, had one fish weighing 10.5 lb.
Ronald Hewitt, Essex, had one fish weighing 5 lb.
Rene Roche, France, had one fish weighing 4 lb.

Ballinodare River:

In the week ending 2nd June, 180 salmon were reported caught, mainly at the back of the town above the Butts. Heaviest fish weighing 14.5 lb was caught by John O'Hara. The majority of the other fish were small grilse weighing between 2 and 4 lb.

Lough Beltra:

Very few salmon have been reported from either the lough or the Newport River in May. The only fish being caught are escapee rainbow trout.
13 salmon reported.
Heaviest fish weighing 13.5 lb caught by Sean Downes and he had another good fish weighing 12 lb.
Michael Graf, Switzerland, had two fish weighing 11 and 7.5 lb.
Michael Chamberlain had two fish weighing 5.5 and 3 lb.
Eamon Kennedy, Newport, had one fish weighing 11 lb.
Dr. Cahill, Cork, had one fish weighing 9 lb.

Lough O'Flynn

Fishing conditions were difficult for much of the week ending 26th May with wind and rain being a major factor. Water levels were described as winter high today Tuesday. There was a very good Mayfly hatch but few fish reported feeding on the fly. Wet-fly anglers reported a few fish. Jerry Larkin Ballinlough, John McGuckian and Eric Shannon from Carrickfergus did quite well totalling 35 fish between them for three days fishing, fish up to 2 lb. Anthony Bagggot, Castlerea and Raymond Burns averaged two fish each over a few short evenings. Best flies were Bibio, Claret Bumble and Claret Dabbler. Hubert Cunniffe from Esker, Banagher, Co Offaly had four fish for 5.5 lb on Sunday evening on an Invicta. Nigel Coburn from Wicklow had a fish of 2.5 lb.
In the week ending 9th June, there were good hatches of Mayfly all over the lake. Water levels were at winter level and the weather was wet and windy.
Anthony Baggot and Raymond Burns achieved their bag limit on two occasions and had ten fish between them on another occasion. Most of the fish were caught on dry, wet and dapping the Mayfly. This sporting duo released most of their fish back to the water. Other good returns reported were had by Gerry Larkin and Derek Madden, they had 11 fish between them for 13 lb, six fish were released to the water. Two anglers from Co Offaly, Noel Kearns and Mick Coughlan had 11 fish between them releasing most. Cyril Mulvey from Carrick on Shannon had two fish for 3.25 lb.

Lough Inagh:

Early June can be a quiet period at Inagh but as the month progresses, the numbers of fish begin to build up. That was the situation this year again, except that the month being one of the wettest on record, it appears that every fish that came into the system ran straight through Ballynahinch and up to Lough Inagh.
The water was high right from the start of the month and the spring salmon run was described as reasonable. Some of the catches reported were: Dr. John Casey, one salmon, 15 lb from Glendollagh Butts. Dutch footballers, Paul Bosfelt and Berthil ter Avest, had one fish each, 13 lb and 8.5 lb, while fishing at Corloo with fly. U.K. angler, Ms. Georgina Rose took a nice 5 lb grilse to a Black Pennell while fishing at Derryclare Butts.
The water was very high in the week ending 16th June and fish were running hard into the lough. Colin Folan took a grilse at Corloo and Michael Sullivan took two good brown trout at the same location.
The heavy rain continued into the week ending 23rd June and Fishery Manager, Colin Folan, reports a lot of grilse and sea trout running into Lough Inagh. Jean Luc Chertaz, France, took a 6 lb grilse at Derryclare Butts on a size 10 Silver Stoat's Tail and Dr. John Casey, Clifden, took two good fish of 7 lb and 8 lb at the same location.
Michael Heerey, Dublin, took a 6 lb fish on Lough Inagh and Ciaran Power and Noel Greany took seven sea trout from .75 to 2 lb. John Davis, U.K., took a fine fish of 8 lb at Corloo and the following day took a 4 lb brown trout at Pine Island.


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