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Spring, 2002
Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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Spring, 2002 Features:
Poor Boy's Patagonia - On a strict budget? Wish it were summer right now? Can't wait to catch hoards of big wild trout and salmon? Try Southern Chile. Senior Editor Jim Repine tells you everything you need to make it happen for a lot less than you might think!
Chile rainbow trout

Waking Flies - Waking, skittering, controlled drag - whatever you want to call it - it works! You just have to know when where and how. Jim Repine tells all.
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Midge Fishing - They're tiny, prolific and fish eat them like candy year round, even during predictable mid-winter hatches! Tony Oswald lets you know all about it.Click to see more...
Articles by...
Jim RepineJim Repine
Tony OswaldTony Oswald
Charles NormanCharles Norman
Mo TidemanisMo Tidemanis
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