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Fly Fishing Destinations
Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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The World's Finest Fly Fishing Destinations 
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World Angler Magazine's network of outdoor journalists do a lot of traveling each year. They visit fishing areas that deliver quality fishing and report back on the venues that provide the services necessary to make a fishing trip as comfortable and problem free as possible.

Changes occur yearly and while lodges, camps, guides and outfitters come and go, World Angler's network keeps track of what's going on at flyfishing destinations the world over. We've been doing it for more than 20 years. We'll always do our best to evaluate each destination fairly - always with the interests and needs of the international traveling angler foremost in mind.

If there's a high quality fishing destination you've heard about that is not listed on World Angler Magazine's web site, it may well be that we just haven't listed it yet. Drop us an email if you have a question about a location or if you have first hand knowledge about a place you think we ought to know about.

Southern Chile - Photo by Jim Repine

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