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Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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We're now in our 22nd year and our flyfishing friends the world over still depend on us year after year. That makes us very happy since all we started with was an idea back in 1985. Our idea was to establish a network of professional outdoor journalists that would pool their collective knowledge in one place. We would then make that information available to sportsmen who seek quality sporting opportunities anywhere on earth.

Since the start, World Angler's network of outdoor journalists have been dedicated to providing flyfishing enthusiasts with up-to-date information about the most desirable sporting destinations worldwide. Our at-large journalists cover a lot of territory while gathering material for their magazine articles, books and our online publication. Often, they complete their assignments from the lodges and camps that service the sporting destinations you've read about.

World Angler's network members inspect dozens of sporting operations each year. They've discovered places offering the best sporting experiences available at any price -everything from budget priced opportunities to the most unabridged, generously appointed facilities imaginable. Were confident we've evaluated them accurately and with equal concern for quality and value that you would.

Each guide service, lodge is evaluated by stringent criteria. We then compile that information for ready access. Check out the possibilities by jumping to our Destinations list. Choose one or more, make the arrangements and away you go! All you'll need to do is pack!

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