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Bonefish Flies
Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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Bonefish Flies

This series of three bonefish patterns were developed for use in the Ascension Bay area of Mexico's Yucatan. All were tested extensively under a variety of weather and water conditions. On any given day one of these patterns will take even the spookiest bonefish.

Oz's Bonafide is a killer general purpose pattern. It's the first fly to tie on and fish with. The other two patterns, Oz's Bonus & Oz's Absani are low water condition flies that are tied on small hooks. Both are designed to be presented to bonefish feeding in very skinny water, less than six inches deep. 

Oz's Bonfide - One of the most effective bonefish flies in Mexico

OZ's Bonafide

bonefly2.jpg (8999 bytes)
Oz's Bonus (L) & Oz's Absani (R)



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